Love and Engagements!

I just have to share special news! My best friend of over 15 years is engaged!! Joelle and Ronnie have been together almost 10 years so as you can tell I’ve been waiting for this to happen for like ever! Here’s a picture of her ring


It’s beautiful and fits her personality perfectly. As soon as I heard the news, I immediately starting looking for cross stitch projects to make for the two of them. You probably guessed that I was on Pinterest searching (you’d be right!) I found the following pattern.


I just think this pattern is so cute. I would choose different colors and redo the font for the names. I probably would chose a cursive backstitch font to make the names pop! I haven’t started this project yet because they just got engaged Saturday and I’m not sure they have even set a date. I really just wanted the share the great news of love with you all!

Speaking of love, I have to show you something. Recently I was looking at pictures on Instagram. You know, just being nosy! While on the popular page, I noticed something. When I clicked on the picture a beautiful haiku was right before my eyes. And I instantly fell in love with it! Here’s a screenshot I took with my phone.


How amazing and precious is that! I have seriously looked at those words over and over the last couple days! There is just something about them that appeal to my heart. (If you haven’t guessed it, I’m a hopeless romantic!)
Since I am also a cross stitcher, I have decided to make this beautiful haiku into a pattern. I also decided to be old fashioned and not use my computer to make the pattern. So I bought these!


I will tell you now that I have started trying to compose the haiku into a cute font. It is a little harder than I imagined because I’m not very artistic at all! Also I do not know whether I want to make it with regular stitches or do it in a backstitch font. I do not have anything worthy of showing you just yet BUT I know I will by the end of the week, so stay tuned!!


You and me

Saturday, March 29th marked five years that I have been in love with my husband. Though we just got married in June, we still like to acknowledge the day we started dating each other. If you haven’t read my “Becoming Mrs. Fleegal” page in the drop menu, you should. It’s a little insight of how we meant!

Because of our anniversary, I decided to make this cute little project to commemorate it.


I found the pattern for this on Pinterest (big surprise there, right!) It was real easy to do and it only took an hour to finish. I plan on framing it and and placing it on our mantle!

Here’s a picture we snapped on Saturday of us! Thanks for reading!!


Neon! Neon!

Hello again! Thanks for stopping by and reading. I am currently working on a new project but it is no where near finished. But I have even bigger news!!! NEON!


My awesome sister-in-law bought me the prettiest, brightest floss I have ever seen. This picture just doesn’t do them justice! They are extremely beautiful! I am in search, now, of a black weave count so I can use the neon. I think black would make the colors pop like crazy! I had no idea that they even made neon colors! Now all I need is glow in the dark ones!

Since I do not have another project to show you yet I decided to show you my collection of floss. It’s nothing special and it’s very unorganized so I apologize.


This is my main organizer. All my primary colors are in here, as well as my pastel colors. A few colors are missing since I am working on a project but this is the whole of them. I’m not sure how many are here but I know this container is pretty much full.


This is my newest container. Here I have all my sparkly, color variations, and new neon floss. There is still a lot of space left in this one but I plan on filling it as quickly as possible. I say that because I’m addicted to new colors!

Keep in the look out for my new project, coming soon!

-Mrs. Fleegal

Lost Files Part 2

Welcome back! I hope you liked the projects I did in part 1. Here in part two you will find my favorite cross stitch projects I have done. First things first, please feel free to leave comments and likes! I’d appreciate it! Ok now the pictures!

I made Dora and Boots for my cute niece, Jaelynn. She is three years old and obsessed with the show. I found this pattern for free just by searching ‘Dora cross stitch’ on Google search. The pattern was easy to read and had a key to use. It only took me three days to complete this one. Here’s a picture of Jaelynn with it.

My sister said that Jaelynn loves it so much that she wouldn’t let it go, she wanted to sleep with it! Don’t worry, my sister took it out of the bed as soon as she fell asleep!


I made this next one for a cute little baby named Keelan. His parents are raising him a Steelers fan so she asked me to incorporate that into a design. I did not have an exact pattern to go off of for this one. I found a rough outlined jersey pattern on Google and made adjustments to fit into the Steelers brand. I added the words and little designs last. It took me 2 weeks to finish this one because I took a five day break from stitching! I had a lot of fun doing this project!


Captain America! I just recently finished this cute superhero project for a cousin of mine named Cole. Captain America is his favorite superhero. I found the shield pattern on ‘The Happy Hooker’ blog on WordPress. It was a very easy pattern to follow and only took four days to complete. I added the words to tie it all together! I love it!

The last project is this beautiful princess for my niece.


I really loved stitching this one because of how cute I knew it would turn out. My niece just turned one in November so I decided to make it for her. I found the pattern on Pinterest. Pinterest had every Disney princess pattern but I chose this one because I felt like it fit my little niece, Alaysia. I found this very challenging because there were a lot of half stitches and at the time I wasn’t sure how to do them. But I learned and I think the end results were great! I added ‘princess Alaysia’ to make it more unique!

I hope you all loved the projects. If you have any question let me know! I’d be happy to answer them! Thanks!

-Mrs. Fleegal

Lost Files Part 1

I have talked earlier about being addicted to cross stitching! I thought it only right to share some of the projects that I have done. I have split them up into two parts. So just hold on tight and enjoy the ride!!

I made this first one in late dec 2013 for my husband and I. When I first found the pattern, it had the word love at the top. I found that a little unnecessary since the next word was also love. A light bulb went off in my head and I had the bright idea of replacing love with our last name. I really liked this pattern because the verses are the ones recited at our wedding. This pattern took me two and a half weeks. I have yet to figure out where I got the pattern. As soon as I find it I will link it!


I made this next project for my mother-in-law who has fibromyalgia, a common syndrome in which a person has long‑term, body‑wide pain and tenderness in the joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. Because of it, she often has trouble moving and doing things she loves. Fibromyalgia is a purple ribbon and a butterfly is symbolic to the syndrome. I found the picture I wanted on Google


I found a website that transfers pictures into patterns calls pic2pat. It took me a good 30 mins to adjust the color scheme and counted stitches to become comfortable with it. It took me less than a week to finish the pattern. I added the word warrior because it takes someone mentally and physically strong to endure the pain of fibromyalgia.

This beautiful ‘faith’ pattern was made for my mom in middle January.This pattern kit costed $8 at I honestly hate paying for patterns that come with kits because I like using my own supplies. Also a pattern like this leaves room for choice of colors. So again, I screen shot the picture on my computer and saved it. It was quite difficult to use because it was blurry but I did my best. It took me a little over a week to finish this one. It is proudly hanging up at my moms house.

Be on the lookout for lost files part 2 tomorrow. They are my favorite ones I’ve done!

-Mrs. Fleegal

A Good Marriage

Being a newlywed has made me a sucker for everything about marriage and love. I find myself always searching for patterns and pictures that relate to married life that I can make. Pinterest has become my best companion when it comes to finding beautiful free patterns to use. While searching, I found this.


I fell in love with this work of art at first sight! What I didn’t fall for was the price of $32 through etsy. For that much I could buy three books full of patterns! Granted, this pattern came as a kit. I like the idea of kits, but having my own supplies already, I’d rather just have the pattern. What I did next probably is illegal somewhere. I used my computer and did a screen shot. I know, but I really liked this one and paying that much was not an option. After I saved it to my computer, I got my supplies ready. I tried to stick close to the original colors but I wanted more of a brightened version. (Side note- I must say when I transferred my floss to the plastic bobbins, I did not record the color number. A lot of my floss came from different brands so I skipped out on labeling the numbers.) So for this project I picked which ever colors I wanted. In this particular pattern there is eight colors necessary. I divided these colors into two groups; details and words.
The details on this pattern are so cute and easy. I used topaz, very dark terra cotta, Kelly green, lt blue, and a cranberry pink. For the words I used purple, dark red, and lt pumpkin. I put each set of colors into there own zip lock baggie and set them aside. I also used a platinum 14 count Aida cloth. Once I picked my needle, I was ready.

For this one I started at the bottom to insure I would have enough space to work with. Also the screen shot was not easy to use to decipher the correct number of stitches, so starting from the bottom to set the tone for how big the finished project would be. Plainly I just found it easier to work my way up!


Once the bottom row of details were done, I moved right into the beautiful words. The zooming in on my computer just made it blurry, but I was able to make out most of the counted stitches. In areas that I was not sure, I lined them up with other areas. Here was my progress with in four days.


It would take me almost two weeks to complete this one because I ran into a problem. I ran out of my purple floss. I took an emergency trip to Walmart and unfortunately was not able to find the same color. I had to postpone my progress for three days until I could make the trip to Joann’s and get the right one. Again, Joann’s didn’t have the exact one I needed. I was crushed but really wanted to finish it. I choose the closest purple and continued on.


I wasn’t 100% on the color but I was too impatient to wait. Instead I switched the colors around. The ‘little things’ line was suppose to be in purple but I swapped that color out for the lt pumpkin. I ended up really liking it that way. After settling that issue, I pressed on. It took me another few days to finish up the last touches. But the end project was more amazing than I could have imagined!


After posting my finished project, I receive good reviews on it. It prompted me to decide to draw up the pattern so other could use it. I will add my modifications to it to keep it bright and different from its original. So be on the lookout for the pattern. I’ll post it up here was soon as possible! I am currently searching for the perfect frame so that I can hang it up in our home! Thanks to technology and my keen eye, I was able to recreate this pattern for less than $10. I think that was a great bargain!

-Mrs. Fleegal

I got that new new! Plus a ballerina!

Thank you to my amazing husband!!! He surprised me with a trip to Joann’s for supplies! I have been cross stitching a lot lately and he must have noticed because he wanted to surprise me with new stuff. Check out what we picked!


I needed a new organizer because I’m running out of room in my first one so we made sure to get another one. A new hoop-la was necessary because I used my last one for a cute little project. My favorite purchases are the green Weave count and the beautiful sparkly floss. I have wanted the sparkling strands forever it seems like. I picked out a handful of colors that I know I am sure to use. Here is a closer picture.


They are fantastic but a little hard to work with. But I’m learning! After getting my new supplies I decided to start something right away. I found this following pattern free on Pinterest.


It’s adorable, isn’t it! I just love the little girl feel of it and I have a good idea in mixing in some sparkles. With this project, I chose colors that matched pretty well to the original. I used my platinum weave count to offset the white in the pattern. I started with the hair first. It was really challenging because of how close the two colors are on the pattern. After the hair, I worked my way down to her head and body. I swapped the pink of her headband and dress for my new sparkly pink.


Lastly I outlined her and added the few remaining things, like changing the eye color. The little girl i made this for is named Amelia. For that purpose I stitched her name into the design real quick so that I could show it. I will be removing her name and redoing it, all the while adding flowers around it!


I hope you enjoyed this pattern! A link is available below!

-Mrs. Fleegal

Baby Ballerina